I am an artist & designer based in Atlantic Canada

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​I am grateful for the opportunity to create everyday and for the ever present support from family, friends and clients around the world. I am an explorer born on the Atlantic, (Dublin, Ireland) and lived most of my life on the Atlantic, (Cape Town, South Africa) and continue to thrive on the Atlantic Canada South Shore  ​(Liverpool, Canada)​

I was born in Ireland and raised with a grandmother well-established in a successful clothing factory. This environment set the tone for my great love of fabric, colour, texture and design. At the age of seven, ​my ​family circumstance took our family to South Africa. The vibrant sounds, colours and fragrances of Africa added a new dimension to my formative years.

my passion for people and places is the inspiration for my work. It has been my long-held dream to incorporate my art into various wearable art pieces and unique decor items​, which are now available in bags, throw pillows. & cards

​observations of the everyday and my love of travel, people, cultures and language inspire​ me to translat​e​ ​my passion into​ colourful, playful​ ​pieces​ that tell a story.​ I endeavor to portray a sense of fun no matter how challenging life becomes.

​I endeavor to ​​discover and create not only art but the intrinsic awareness & value I can bring to the now, of where I am placed in the world ​​and in doing so make a difference which encourages and inspires  others to see & know the gold  within-

Latest Exhibitions


home studio - 60 Park Street, Liverpool,

                         Saturday 6 April  10 - 4

Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada

Selected Clients

Dublin, Ireland

Cape Town, South Africa

Los Angeles, Calafornia

London, UK

Ottawa, Canada


Library and Archives Canada

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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